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Welcome to NMSS. This stuff will be updated whenever we feel like it because freedom.

Provided for your convenience below are links to some things we've done and a few other pieces of entertainment that we enjoy. We are not affiliated with them in any way, nor do we have any control over their content.

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Check out our projects:
Reassembly Monthly Tournament - Reassembly is a game created by Anisoptera Games in which the player constructs space ships from simple geometric parts and uses them to wage war on opposing ships. Tournaments are being held monthly with permission from the developer. Reassembly Log Parser - Reassembly tournaments can take a long time to run, and if you're not paying attention at the very end it is possible to miss statistics, leading to quite a bit of possible heartbreak. The game saves data in a log that's readable, but machines do it faster than we do, so why bother competing? Mass Effect: Andromeda Strategies - Specifically-written strategies for each faction as well as general-purpose tips the player may want to consider to take their gameplay up to the next level.
Vectored Armada Tournaments - Vectored Armada is a game created by Luke AP of Skyglow Softworks, intended to be a fleet-based combat engine where the player constructs fleets and/or ships with the express purpose of fighting other fleets and/or ships.
We share an acronym with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, a damned good cause to help if you ever need one to support. Don't be ashamed of showing the organization some love.
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